A downloadable game for Windows

Fog Of Evil first hour is a survival-style game, inspired by classic 90's survival titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Fog of Evil tries to mix the best of these two universes, with dangerous and lethal enemies in a mysterious atmosphere. the main protagonist is a truck driver with  a dark past in the military forces.

The Game is just a tech demo and still on development, not represent the final product, but have a  full demo campaign to test.

Current version: beta_1.3.2


___Features version:

-New splash screen with gore info

-Fix enemies bug in the ground

-Remove MA4 gun

___Know issues:

-No reload input

-Oclusion goes crazy sometimes

-Inventary is not done yet

-Game is not balance yet.


More details on http://catchdogstudios.com/

Install instructions

Just extract the files content of "FogOfEvilFirstHour.rar" and doble click on FogOfEvilFirstHour.exe


FogOfEvilFirstHour.rar 217 MB